In the good ole Summertime!

What is your favorite summertime tradition?

When I was a child we would have an annual family reunion on my mother’s side. One year we had over 150 people! There were games for all ages, and prizes and swimming and of course food! Unbelievable food! Recipes would be handed around from all. Had four generations represented. Miss those times.

What does “Home” mean to you?

It’s not about the size of the home or even the neighborhood. It’s about that “ahh” feeling you get when you walk into the door. That deep down feeling of coming home.  Peace, security and comfort.

What do you absolutely love about the home you are currently in? Is it the backyard or the porch? Or perhaps that dining room where you have shared so many wonderful gatherings? Or is the solitude of your master bedroom?

Let me know your thoughts.