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 We believe in a simple formula: Hire top-notch people. Provide all the latest tools and technology to train and support them.

Our culture is reflective of this philosophy – our branding and marketing is designed for today’s consumer, we encourage collaboration, and celebrate the unique strengths and talents of our agents. Teamwork is promoted, as it is our belief that when we work together we can accomplish so much more!

Cutting-edge technology, support, training, and teamwork mean that NextHome Seekers agents have a better, balanced life in a drama free environment. It is just that simple.



Client development, business sustainability and increased income are among the top factors when selecting a brand, culture and brokerage for both experienced and new agents. The future of your career requires a company with a strong foundation along with a vision for progress. You need a complete set of services including client-centric marketing, comprehensive technology, automated systems and an inspirational culture.

Help build communities and connect with people. The intricate real estate process requires knowledge, training and experience. Be competitive, efficient and profitable by utilizing products and services from a broker with a consumer centric brand. Join NextHome to be a part of a culture focused on making you the most valuable part of every transaction.


Both Liam and Tammi entered real estate after several years in management for a furniture distributor. The two met while living in the West Virginia/Pennsylvania area and were married in 2009. It was an especially snowy winter in the Northeast that made the couple rethink where they wanted to raise their family.

The hours of the corporate lifestyle weren’t working either. After relocating, Tammi got her real estate license in 2012, and Liam followed. Starting their real estate career with a local franchised brokerage in Myrtle Beach, the Pierces sold an amazing 27 homes in their very first year. Over the next several years, they continued to build on their business, selling over 35 homes annually. In March of 2016, the Pierces opened their own brokerage –NextHome Seekers.

NextHome Seekers operates with a client-first philosophy and we want agents to join the brokerage who want to adapt to the ever-changing market. We also want to be the local resource of housing education for our community.

When the Pierces aren’t working, it’s all about spending time with their two children – daughter, Jaina (age 7) and son, Xander (5). The family of four love spending time at the beach and taking in all that Myrtle Beach has to offer.